Tuesday, October 16, 2012

End of The Station 2012

So Hi Again! I made a game for a Russian contest "End of The World 2012". I made it in 5 days. It's a quick metroidvania prototype about a strange accident on Station 2012 and a hero to investigate the matter. Why did he go there? Is it a kind of a mision? Someone sent him? Or did he have intention to visit the long forgotten place? Pirate? Scientist? Trooper? Politician? What is he seeking there? Who knows, even I don't know yet. :D Whatever anybody says I'm proud of this small but nice game - at least I was able to finish something in 5 days I couldn't in 4 years! I decided to make a poll to answer an interesting question:  

Here's the link to the entry - http://db.tt/hOQUPb6R

25.10.12 UPDATE: 0.23 version is out!

5.11.12 UPDATE: build 0.24 is here with some nice changes!!!

1) Partially solved boulder issues, some still stay in air but now it doesn't looks that awkward(mostly), added falling boulders
2) Changes menu look a bit - added a reflection to hero's mask, slight zoom, planet looks more different
3) Left and right triggers now allow aim diagonally
4) Added splashes to acid when falling or shooting acid
5) Changed boss AI
6) Some small details to some rooms
7) Added a small ad, just to test how it works, looks good in my opinion