What I've Done

I made a soundtrack to a game "BINGO". This game is about a  cute little penguin's adventure in icy lands of Antarctica(or South Pole) :) You can play it on http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/476425

I made a song for Madness Day 2009 - Master Madness, the old version has jumped over 380000 downloads in two years, the number continues growing, check it on http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/274501 Later I considered to include the brand new version in the upcoming album "Order of Collector".

I wrote a tribute song of a game "Overgrowth" by Wolfire Games - The Day of Overgrowth, it has reached over 20000 listens via Youtube and Newgrounds , original post is here.

After writing a tribute song to "Overgrowth" I decided to record and publish a tribute album to 5 awesome indie games: Aquaria, Braid, Overgrowth, Super Meat Boy and Machinarium. Thankfully everyone gave me permission to do this! Now you can but the album on https://sites.fastspring.com/androidmusic/instant/ultrapack

I took a part in Super Meat Boy soundtrack DOUBLE CD, that was awesome! :D

I took a part in Songs for the Cure 2011 with a song from upcoming "Order of Collector" album - Maria, you can check my page with this song here.